How Does Retargeting Work?

Retargeting (sometimes called ‘Remarketing’) is a form of digital display marketing that helps to keep your brand in front of people after they have visited your website. Here’s the deal… only a small percentage of visits to your website will result in a ‘conversion’ the first time through. Retargeting allows us to track visitors and display your brand and message to them after they leave your site and continue to browse the Internet. The science of it all is pretty cut and dry, but…

Not all Retargeting campaigns are created equal!  Imagine’s creative division will develop display Ads that are built for engagement and properly represent your company image and messaging. We’ll generally start by creating a set of 4 – 6 custom Ads for to serve both desktop and mobile users. We’ll monitor the traffic and engagement being generated and continually modify/change the Ads as we deem most appropriate to the success of your campaign with us.

And… as with everything we do, we’ll tag the Ads with custom code to allow for complete transparency and granular tracking through your Google Analytics account.

Bringing back your site visitors increases conversion and leads to more sales.