Social Media Strategy

Developing a social media strategy specific to your business, its target audience and overall geographical reach is the key to most effectively extending your brand and voice beyond your company’s website.

Practically every digital marketing seminar and most big media companies love preaching a ‘fire-hose’ approach to managing social media. They promise to place your business in as many social media websites as possible and manage them all… for one small monthly fee. It really makes no mathematical sense and the reality is that they can only accomplish this by utilizing automated software programs to post canned/boiler plate content that is in no way proprietary to your business. These automated programs leave your business spread thin across many social media platforms, with little to zero actual results. Big promises, no substance.

Imagine’s team selects the most appropriate social media platforms to serve your individual business needs. We develop an evolving strategy and seamlessly execute as a virtual extension of your company’s brand and voice. We’ll develop unique content on a daily basis and interact with your staff to keep in touch with the latest company-related news to build and engage your audience in the most effective way possible.

Paid Advertising

All of our social media programs contain a ‘paid advertising’ element. That’s another secret the big companies don’t tell you… if you’re not doing paid advertising in conjunction with organic posting, you simply can’t effectively grow your fan base and deliver content to them on any respectable level. Our team will create hyper-targeted paid advertising campaigns from the ground up. We’ll design the banners, write the Ad copy and custom tailor the targeted audience to best meet your company’s needs.