Web Design & Development Strategy

Imagine’s team combines over 15 years of technical and design experience to create award-winning custom websites for every client. Each project begins with market-specific research and a comprehensive digital audit to gain a clear understanding of each client’s respective position within the digital landscape. Our findings are clearly presented to each client along with a custom strategy aimed at overcoming any existing challenges, while meeting the desired goals.

Project Plan

Like most website development firms, we follow a fairly standard project methodology. The primary difference with our plan is that each phase of development is adjusted to properly address the needs of our client. Careful attention is given to planning the website layout, messaging and ‘conversion funnels’. The end goal being to create a website that most appropriately represents our client’s business while most effectively engaging and converting site visitors.

Built to Perform

Every website created in Imagine It’s office is touched by many different team members, each with specific insight to ensure the final product meets our stringent guidelines in 3 main categories;

  • Design & Aesthetics
    The site looks Modern, Utilizes the latest technology, and beams with industry-leading design.
  • Audience Reach
    Every page of the site is properly coded, following best practices for SEO to achieve optimal search engine exposure
  • Conversion
    The architecture of the site is designed to engage and convert visitors towards a common goal (Lead Generation, Retail Traffic, Online Sales, Survey Participation, etc…

Data is your Friend

Correctly installing and configuring software to track visitor activity on your website is essential! We use a number of different software applications to develop reporting that is accurate and meaningful. These reports help to shape our ever-evolving campaign strategies and guide website modifications that may aid in producing greater engagement and conversion.