Everyone knows what it means and it should be an obvious way to run a business right? Unfortunately, there are a lot of marketing companies around that are giving “SEO” a bad name. We quickly overcome that stigma by working with complete transparency to ensure that our clients can clearly understand what we’re doing, why we’re doing it, and what is the realistic expected outcome. Every staff member is invested in our clients’ success and truly has their best interest at heart.

Measuring Success

We provide REAL reporting… Imagine that! We don’t use fluffy graphs and pictures of arrows (pointing northbound no doubt). We take data from software that is directly attached to our clients’ websites & social media platforms. Our reporting is a true gauge of how well a marketing campaign is performing and puts us in the best position to make adjustments as needed. Best of all, we help turn those reports into actionable items that impact business.

So, we’re ethical. Check! And hey we’re pretty darn good at what we do. Check! So how do we do it? That’s a secret! Well not really, but there isn’t one easy answer to that question. And if we’re doing our job correctly, there shouldn’t be! SEO is not a one-size-fits-all situation. That’s actually the problem with some of the big firms out there walking around with a rate card listing “Package A, B, C, etc…”. The truth is that an effective search engine optimization strategy shouldn’t be limited to a handful of selected keyword phrases and targeted towns. Our SEO campaigns are aimed at gaining effective search engine placement for all relevant keyword terms across all applicable geographical territories.

Our solutions are customized to fit every client’s goals and available investment levels. Campaigns are designed to deliver results and provide return on investment (ROI). We’ll draw upon discussions with our clients, extensive research, and many years of experience to help guide us, but our SEO strategy is never scripted or static. Furthermore, it will continue to evolve and change shape throughout the relationship as deemed most appropriate to our clients’ success.

The Science

We’ve got you covered!  Our team of specialists is equipped to scan & monitor every aspect of your digital real estate and make adjustments in a real-time environment.

  • Ongoing keyword research and analysis to continually identify new opportunities to improve on  and maximize current areas of strength
  • Implementation of on-page SEO techniques, including all proper HTML Tags, hosting configuration, internal page linking and more.

Content Development

Imagine’s writers have the experience and passion to deliver content that is creative, witty, and interesting to your readers. We will research, develop, implement and distribute content as deemed most appropriate to support your goals and digital success. We may develop content in any of the following areas (not limited to):

  • Website Pages
  • Press Releases
  • BLOG Posts
  • Paid Ads
  • News Articles

Measuring Success

We will provide the following monthly reports in electronic format (emailed):

  • Google Analytics reporting, which can be customized based on what is determined to be most important to you.
  • Search Engine Ranking reports will be provided monthly demonstrating how a pre-determined list of keyword terms currently ranks within Google.


We like to think of our digital services team as an extension of your own marketing staff… and we hope you will too! Having frequent and meaningful discussions with our clients is not just good practice… it’s essential in being able to deliver the most creative and effective solutions. We will make ourselves readily available to service your requests. In addition, we will proactively research, explore and suggest new market opportunities that may benefit your business.