Google AdWords Management

Picking a budget and placing a few Ads in Google’s AdWords platform is made out to be easy and ‘low risk’. In reality, getting a fair ROI on your Adwords investment is something that requires the attention of someone with strong training and vast experience. We give careful attention to detail which helps to maximize conversion and minimize waste in spending. Based on a pre-determined strategy, budget and identified target audience, we will configure and maintain a Google Adwords Campaign(s) designed to drive traffic to your website and increase conversion (Sales, Leads, Participation, etc…)

The Mobile Invasion

As mobile search (cellular and tablet) continues to gain more market share, working with an experienced team that understands how to maximize your AdWords campaigns for visibility, local search, and custom mobile experiences is even more important than ever!

Getting Started

Whether you have an existing campaign that doesn’t seem to be performing to your satisfaction or you’re completely new to the world of paid search, trust the qualified marketing professionals at Imagine It to filter out the waste and help you get the most of your advertising efforts.

As a certified Google AdWords provider, Imagine It offers the expertise to navigate paid search and improve clicks that can turn into meaningful website visits. Adwords campaigns developed through Imagine It generally include:

  • A unified team converging to maximize every aspect of the Adwords Campaign
  • Comprehensive research to determine the most optimal keyword phrases to target
  • Complete design and creation of custom website landing pages to help maximize engagement and conversion
  • Creation of separate Ad Group campaigns for each product line or service to specifically target visitors that may be farther along in the buying process.
  • Creation of multiple custom Ads to support each Ad Group
  • Professionally copy written for each Ad to properly convey messaging and support click-through rates
  • Custom reporting integration to show true ROI and conversion
  • Call Tracking that allows for the recording of phone calls received from Google Adwords only
  • Accurate and meaningful reporting demonstrating how each segment of the campaign is performing